The Basics of QuickBooks Online – 5-day Training Course

If you’re a business owner in the UK, you may need to use online accounting software. Perhaps you’re a bookkeeper just starting out and need a quick-fire way to understand how to use online accounting software. At Ihelm Enterprises, we recommend QuickBooks Online (QBO) and we’ll help you to get started with it.

Whatever the reason for wanting to learn how to use QBO, this 5-day course will help you to learn some of the basic features of the software and help you get started on keeping your accounts properly.

I will guide you through how to:

  • set-up your products and services
  • invoice customers and receive payments
  • track your purchases and expenses
  • properly use the bank feed
  • access some of the main reports every business needs

Each day will focus on one topic and will be broken down into sub-topics. There will be a video and pdf download for each sub-topic.

This course is designed to allow you to work at your own pace, with the next video only unlocking once you have finished the previous one. Even though it is a 5-day course, you can take the time you need to learn about each topic and you will have access to the course for life.

All you need is to have access to a QuickBooks Online account.